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OSSMA District Map-01-01.png
District 1.png

Southwest Ohio

District 1

President: Clare Ley, CMA (AAMA) Email:

Vice President: Kara Lewis, CMA (AAMA)

Secretary: Peggy Duttweiler, CMA (AAMA)

Treasurer: Patricia Christos, CMA (AAMA)


Link or Website:

District 2.png

Montgomery County

District 2

President: Julie Ledbetter, CMA (AAMA)

Vice President: -

Secretary: -

Treasurer: -


Facebook Page

District 3.png

West Central Ohio

District 3

President: Julie Fogt, CMA (AAMA)  Email

Vice President: Jan Young, CMA (AAMA)

Secretary: Aimee Quinn, CMA (AAMA)

Treasurer: Aimee Wicker, CMA (AAMA)


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District 4.png

Northwest Ohio

District 4

President: Rhonda Lazette, CMA (AAMA)

Vice President: -

Secretary: -

Treasurer: -


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District 5.png

Cuyahoga County

District 5

President: Mary Elizabeth Regis, CMA (AAMA)  Email

Vice President: Jennifer Dietz, CMA (AAMA)

Secretary: -

Treasurer: Melanie Shearer, CMA (AAMA)


Facebook Page

District 6.png


District 6

President: Laura Mizicko, CMA (AAMA) 

Vice President: Rose Orologas, CMA (AAMA)- Alt. District Counselor #6

Secretary: Agnes Root, CMA (AAMA)

Treasurer: Diana Rogers, CMA (AAMA)  email     District Counselor #6

Facebook Page

District 8.png

Muskingum County

District 8


Vice President: -

Secretary: -

Treasurer: -

Link or Website:  n/a

District 10.png

Franklin County

District 10

President: Dianne Moreland, CMA (AAMA)     District Counselor #10

Vice President: Beverly Keels, CMA (AAMA)

Secretary: Peggy Bunnell, CMA (AAMA)    Alt District Counselor #10

Treasurer: Carol Watts, CMA (AAMA)

Natasha Geno, CMA (AAMA)- Education Co-Chair, Audio Visual & Social Media

Facebook Page

District 11.png


District 11

President: Judy Harlin, CMA (AAMA)

Vice President: -

Secretary: -

Treasurer: -

Link or Website:  n/a

District 12.png

Summit County

District 12

President: Jennifer Krimaschewicz, CMA (AAMA)  email

Vice President: Marine Hickman, CMA (AAMA)

Secretary: Tammy McClish, CMA (AAMA)

Treasurer: Judith Heffner, CMA (AAMA)

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