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A Message from the President...

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Happy Spring OSSMA MVP!  The annual conference of the OSSMA was a great success thanks to the committee and members of the Southwest Chapter of Medical Assistants.  Immediate Past President Judie Alessi, CMA(AAMA) did an excellent job and let us all congratulate her leadership for 2023-2024. Aimee Wicker did a wonderful job hosting the installation the OSSMA newly installed officers for the 2024 - 2025 year!  The officers are as follows:

President Julie Fogt, CMA (AAMA

Vice President Rhonda Lazette, CMA (AAMA)

Secretary Diana Rogers, CMA M(AAMA)

Treasurer Lora Wilson, CMA (AAMA)

Speaker of the House  Laura Mizicko, CMA (AAMA)

Vice Speaker Amy Adams, CMA (AAMA)

Immediate Past President Judie Alessi, CMA (AAMA)


When I started my journey with the OSSMA, I would not have pictured leading this organization as your president. As Covid hit all of us, I took my first leap as OSSMA president from behind a computer. I am grateful and humbled to be given a second chance as the OSSMA President. I remember walking into my very first West Central, meeting because our instructor offered us extra credit if we attended.  I did not need the credit but went with a group.  By the time I left, I was already signed up for my first committee.  Shortly after I walked into my first conference, alone, shy and not knowing anyone.  It did not take long for the West Central  members to notice me and from then on, I was never alone. I was hooked once I went to my first House of  Delegates as a guest and saw all the inter workings of the organization.  I have not missed a HOD since that day!  Over the years, I have led a variety of committees and offices on the state and local level.  Nationally, I have served on several different committees.


During the installation ceremony, the theme of unity and teamwork as an organization was used to help the officers understand their role within the organization.  While the organization’s officers support chapters when they provide competent leadership, it is our members who hold us together as a unit.  Each one of you has different skills and abilities that are needed by this organization. When we work together as a team, we will build a strong Society from top to bottom and accomplish great things. I challenge those medical assistants who are new graduates or new to the organization to come work with this amazing team.  The friendship, mentorship, and teamwork this amazing organization has to offer is beyond words.  It is the OSSMA!  If you have any questions, please reach out to me.  I am always willing to share my experience, answer questions and be here for you as your voice or just in unity!

Julie Fogt, CMA (AAMA)

2024-2025 OSSMA President 



Upcoming Events

OSSMA Summer Board Meeting


Peace Lutheran Church, Gahanna, OH

68th AAMA Annual Conference

September 19 – 23, 2024

Grand Rapids, Michigan

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OSSMA Fall Board Meeting


West Central Ohio

2024-2025 Leadership

Julie Fogt.jpg


Julie Fogt, CMA(AAMA)

West Central County Chapter

Rhonda Lazette.jpg


Rhonda Lazette, CMA(AAMA)

Northwest County Chapter

Diana Rogers.jpg


Diana Rogers, CMA(AAMA)

Tri County Chapter

Lora Wilson.jpg


Lora Wilson, CMA(AAMA)

Montgomery County Chapter

Laura Mizicko.jpg

Speaker of the House

Laura Mizicko, CMA(AAMA)

Tri County Chapter

Amy Adams.jpg

Vice Speaker of the House

Amy Adams, CMA(AAMA)

Montgomery County Chapter

Judie Alessi.jpg

Immediate Past President

Judie Alessi, CMA(AAMA)

Northwest County Chapter


We believe that healthcare changes so quickly, we as professionals are required to maintain our credentials by obtaining education that is relevant and current to our jobs and patient care.Being a member of the AAMA and State Society provides you with the opportunity to grow knowledge and skills and be a part of your career community.  When you join AAMA, you also gain membership automatically in OSSMA (Ohio State Society of Medical Assistants).

Membership Benefits include:  Continuing Education, Discount Conference & Seminar Registration Costs, Scholarships, Employment Networking, Accreditation Information, Legal Advice, Leadership Conference, Online Newsletter, and more!

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